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 Help for self-help for people with fungal infections


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Dear first-time visitors,

Please have a look on the homepage, arrange the recommended faecal examination and
send us the report and your medical history
if you are interested in becoming a member. 


Do you know this?

You suffer from Candida infections in the vagina or gut, fungal foot-, nail- or skin-infections? You have had various therapies with antifungal agents but the infection comes again anyway? Furthermore, you are also "always ill"? You may react very sensitive to odours and pollutants? You feel tired and your doctor recommends that you despite your physical complaints a psychologist?


Then we can help you!

Because, behind these diffuse symptoms often masquerades by mycotoxins injured intestinal flora (for example, by mould in living or working space or medication, particularly antibiotics) where pathogenic germs may have settled.


We are ...

... a group of people with fungal diseases. We suffer from mycotoxicosis - a condition, which to most doctors is unknown. So their diagnoses are often very different.


We want to

-          help those affected, who already have a secure diagnosis and want to bring their experience,

-        may be affected without appropriate diagnosis help avoid further misdiagnoses,

-        work together with doctors and therapists, who appreciate us as responsible patients and support our therapies

and we want to be healthy!!!


Meeting point:

We meet usually in Berlin and sometimes in Frankfurt but also virtually in the discussion forum:


The current discussions are not open to the public, but to the members only. The archives of the forum contain information, some of which are also visible for guests. Access to the member area will be provided after registration, sending the faeces examination report and the medical history, when the suspicion of a fungal disease has confirmed.



E-mail: shgpilze@outlook.de

If you will not receive any response in 3 weeks, please check if our E-mail address is accepted by your spam filters or your mailbox may be full. Type in your mail your phone number in addition, so that we can return the call if necessary. 



If you suspect that you might suffer from a fungal disease, please order e. g. in the laboratory


aescuLabor Hamburg
Haferweg 36
22769 Hamburg
phone: 040 33 44 11-747
mobile: 0173 61 83 575
website: https://www.aesculabor-hamburg.de/
email: ayham.nassour@amedes-group.com


a "Vollständige mikrobiologische Stuhluntersuchung (Darmfloraanalyse) = complete microbiological examination of faeces" and ask for a copy of the report from the laboratory or the treating physician. We interpret our results ourselves.

If you are interested in a membership, send us your findings by E-mail (shgpilze@outlook.de) or exceptionally per mail. Please add a short narrative history, stating whether or not mould in living or working area has been detected and you have taken medicines, in particular antibiotics (also several years ago). Membership is free.



Our treatment is based on three fields:


    1. Drug treatment

    2. Diet

    3. Refurbishment of living/working area


1. Drug treatment

To support the regeneration of the intestinal flora we use Paidoflor and Mutaflor. According to our experience, there is no effective alternative to these two medicaments.

Paidoflor contains the bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus. This bacterium is one of the most important germs of human small intestine flora. If the value of Lactobacillus or Enterokokken is 0 or 1+ we usually recommend adults taking 3x2 tablets Paidoflor per day.

Mutaflor contains viable bacteria E. coli strain Nissle 1917 and helps to regenerate the intestinal flora in the large intestine. If pathogenic micro-organisms are present or the value of E. coli is 0 or 1+, so we advise adults 1-2 capsules Mutaflor á 100 mg daily.

Both products can be taken at the same time. However, it is recommended for a very serious disease, treatment with Paidoflor over a period of approximately 2 months and then to start with Mutaflor to continue or complete.


Outlook in the future: RePOOPulate

Paidoflor and Mutaflor are effective according to our experience, but also in conjunction with diet and home renovation no complete cure can be achieved. A (more) hopeful invention seems to be so-called RePOOPulate which was developed by the Canadian scientist Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe. It is artificially produced stool, which is transplanted, i.e. introduced by colonoscopy in the large intestine. RePOOPulate is a prototype, not yet approved of the Canadian health authorities on the general treatment. The aim is to produce, at some point a preparation in the form of tablet, similar to the present probiotics.


Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT)

If you have any experience with FMT please contact us - because we haven't!


2. Diet

We recommend a diet with the aim, to avoid mycotoxins and additives in the dietary as much as possible. We are guided by an exemplary list that gets updated on an irregular basis and will be made available to the members.

Extract of the diet list (only in German)                                Choice of meals (only in German)


3. Refurbishment of living/working area

Also the internal environment of living or working areas is of crucial importance for the recovery. We advise on choice of good living room (available only in German) and provide recommendations for the  renovation, furnishing and cleaning (available only in German).


Statistical Analysis:

The collected medical records, reports and progressions as well as therapeutical experiences of the SHG Pilze were successively evaluated. In addition, we have examined stool samples of people feeling healthy. The results, including the clinical response, can be read in the following report (Last update: 25.03.2014).


Silvia Steuck: Diagnosis and therapy of mycotoxicosis (in English)




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